Who We Are

Islandia Music

Islandia Music Records is an independent record label founded and spearheaded by cellist and producer Maya Beiser, one of the foremost soloists and avant-garde artists of her generation. Beiser’s desire to be the driving force behind her artistic expression led her to concentrate on an intensely rich and innovative solo career. She has engaged composers, choreographers, dancers, visual artists, filmmakers, sound designers, and technology innovators to create works written for her or by her and interpreted through her singular artistic lens.  The freedom to chart her own course made it possible to become a game changer in the contemporary creative landscape.

A platform for self-expression and daring artistic adventures, Islandia Music Records allows for a broad palette of collaborative patterns: between the old and the new, the brazen and the subtle, the dark and the hopeful.

Our Mission

Islandia Music Records is on a mission to present the work of artists who create a new vernacular. We seek to engage the complete vision of an artist. Not defined by genre, we look for powerful artistic voice and collaborate with artists who are breaking out of the concert hall, redefining the concept of what an instrumentalist can be.

We believe that Islandia Music will fulfill the need for a label that will bring together and nurture performers/composers/innovators/filmmakers who are looking to push the boundaries of the art-music genre as well as create work with large-scale social, cultural, and spiritual impact.